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Freya Morgan illustrator

10 brilliant graduate illustrators you’ll want to remember

Everyone loves Illustration but choosing the right artist for your brand can be tricky – which is why eric keeps an eye on all the latest talent. Here, Dan Critchlow runs down ten of our favourite illustration graduates…

  • Harry Oehlmann
    01Harry Oehlmann
    Hailing from Exeter, Harry is graduate from Falmouth University in Cornwall, where he earned a first-class degree. His style mixes perspective, shape and detail with organic drawings to give a distinctive look to his work.
  • Bonnie Maxwell
    02Bonnie Maxwell
    Another graduate with a first, this time from Brighton. Bonnie’s work is bold, vibrant and visually arresting. Adding motion design to her work takes it to the next level. Already exhibited at Tate St Ives and Tate Modern.
  • Rifke
    Our second entrant who graduated from Brighton – they must be doing something right down there – Rifke unites the worlds of design and web development with stunning interactive artwork.
  • Eleanor Hardlman
    04Eleanor Hardlman
    Eleanor uses traditional painterly lines within minimal compositions. Graceful and elegant design, Eleanor is also a graduate from Falmouth who left with top marks.
  • Saskia Cameron
    05Saskia Cameron
    Saskia is an image maker and printmaker with a unique style, creating characters and shapes that seem to leap from the page. Life and emotion can be seen in each stroke.
  • Freya Morgan
    06Freya Morgan
    Freya graduated from Central Saint Martins with a graphic style that has a surreal edge, telling intriguing stories within a single complex illustration.
  • Tom Abbiss Smith
    07Tom Abbiss Smith
    Tom has an intuitive style of image making – manipulating marks, texture and colour within his abstract compositions. A graduate from Norwich.
  • Joe Boyd
    08Joe Boyd
    Leeds graduate Joe has already got a YCN and D&AD award under his belt. A digital illustrator with a creative, conceptual style.
  • Adam Forster
    09Adam Forster
    Kent-based Adam is an illustrator and screen printer who studied at Plymouth University. We love the filmic style to his work that begins with classic pen and ink.
  • Dan Whitehouse
    10Dan Whitehouse
    A vibrant artist, Dan graduated from Nottingham where he developed a style focused on bright colours and strange-looking characters, drawing inspiration from pop art, surrealism and people.

Illustration, especially when used with animation, can be an enticing, colourful way to tell a brand’s story. If you’d like to discuss how illustration can work for your marketing, get in touch with eric.