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What is your brand trying to say?

eric is a marketing agency that uses content to engage your audience in the right formats on the right platforms to get your message across – we don’t add to the content clutter, we allow you to cut through it and make your voice heard.

In less than two years, eric has gone from small beginnings with a little green alien explaining how he can help you talk to your audience in the right way, to doing exactly that for a wide range of brands, covering everything from skin care and health insurance to rugby and luxury travel. We’ve devised and developed multi-platform content strategies for the likes of Crabtree & Evelyn, Cigna, Rhino, Aropec, GolfTraveller and New Zealand Rugby.

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These have varied from a complete global 360 marketing activation for Crabtree & Evelyn when we helped them reach a new millennial audience with our ‘total wellbeing’ campaign, to our business to business social media campaign Prop Star, for Rhino, which helped reaffirm their position at the ‘heart of grassroots rugby’.

Everything starts with what a brand wants to say and who they want to talk to. We don’t arrive at a client’s door with a pre-conceived idea of what content we want to sell, we look at what you want to achieve, and then develop a strategy that meets those goals while also delivering content that your audience wants to consume.

We don’t just produce ‘stuff’ to fill channels, we create content that tells your story, content that defines you as a brand, content that is creative, and engages your target market in the right way. In short, simply brilliant content.

Get in touch with eric by calling our business director Jane Ditcham on 07769 886222 to find out how we can help your brand or send us an email.